Excerpt from Chapter 5

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 5:

The next day he had to go to the funeral for the drill sergeant.
Jimmy showed up early to show his respect. Johnny saw him
there and walked over to him. Jimmy asked him where the drill
sergeant’s family was? Johnny said that he didn’t have any family, so he
didn’t have anybody to give the eulogy. Jimmy signed up to talk for
him. Everybody was seated. Jimmy walked to the front. He said, “I
didn’t know the drill sergeant that well, but he made me a better man.
He wouldn’t tell us his real name.” Jimmy looked at the paper and saw
his name was Scott. “He gave up his right to be a drill sergeant to protect
me. He did his job and I’m still alive because if him. Thank you
and rest in peace.”

Excerpt from Chapter 4

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 4:

On the way home he started going crazy. He went in the corner
of the plane and started crying. He was looking at the
caskets. Jimmy started talking to the caskets saying he was sorry and he
couldn’t do better. Jimmy decided he had to say sorry to each one, so
he opened each casket to say his goodbyes. He opened Wendy first and
saw her head with no body. He picked up her head and started crying.
“I’m sorry, Wendy. I couldn’t keep our promise to return home
together and I wish I could have found your body. But I will keep my
promise and give your husband your letter.” Jimmy ran his hand
through her hair, then he put her head back in the casket and said,
“Goodbye, my friend.” He started feeling a little better. Then he
opened Rob’s casket. He said to him, “You’re just a pussy.” He
slammed the casket door shut. He opened the casket next to him and
it was the drill sergeant. “I’m sorry you’re not alive because of me. You
did it I’m going home see my wife and kid because you made me a
better man. I thank you.” Then he closed the casket. He looked at all
the caskets. There must have been at least 100 caskets on the plane. By
the time the plane landed he had said goodbye to them all. He
grabbed ahold of one casket and started helping carry them off the
plane. When he walked outside he saw his wife, Dad, Johnny and
Johnny’s wife holding one of the little girl’s he’d saved. Jimmy didn’t
looked too happy. Stacy handed Jimmy’s dad Jimmy’s son. She wanted
to run to him, but Jimmy’s dad said to wait and let him do what he
had to.

Excerpt from Chapter 3

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 3:

Jimmy took the bus to the army base. Jimmy saw Johnny there.
Jimmy walked up to him and shook his hand. Jimmy asked what
they called this war? Johnny told him it was called Dessert Storm. Jimmy said
that was a good name for it since it was all desert. Johnny laughed.
They all hopped on the helicopter and flew to the battleship. Jimmy
was excited. He walked all over the ship to check out the equipment.
They had army tanks and they left the top open. Jimmy hopped inside
to check it out. He started looking and turning the scope. He didn’t
realize he’d moved the gun. He started moving it all over. He started
acting like a kid. The drill sergeant jumped on top of the tank and
looked inside. He saw Jimmy playing. The drill sergeant yelled for him
to stop. Jimmy looked up and saw him. The drill sergeant yelled, “I’m
your surprise. You’re in my group. I couldn’t let you have all the fun.”

Excerpt from Chapter 2

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

The receptionist asked, “Can I help you?”

Jimmy said, “I need to check in.” Jimmy handed him the paperwork.
The receptionist said to walk down the hall, and pick a bed and a

Jimmy picked the top bunk. Then an older guy walked in. He took
the bottom bunk. He said hi to Jimmy. “My name is Johnny.”

Jimmy said, “Nice to meet you.” Johnny asked how old he was? Jimmy
said, “Old enough.”

Johnny said, “Fair enough.”

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Jimmy was in high school. He had a female friend named Stacy.
They had been friends since fifth grade. Jimmy always liked Stacy
more than friends. They did everything together. Jimmy’s dad had
retired from the army as a drill sergeant when his wife passed away. His
dad got a job at the local grocery store. Jimmy was only six years old
when his mother died. Stacy’s mom had left her dad when she was
eight years old. Stacy and Jimmy had something in common.
That’s why they connected so well.

Jimmy’s dad lived close to the beach on a horse ranch. Jimmy went
horseback riding with Stacy. They rode to the beach to watch the sun
set. Jimmy went to Stacy and grabbed her hand, and said, “My dad was
asking what is going on with us.”