Excerpt from Chapter 15

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 15:

They all left and started working to get Jimmy out. The warden
made a couple phone calls to see when the electric chair was
going to be used next. The electric chair was going to be used the day
before Jimmy’s execution. The big guy was going be executed. Jimmy
asked to be with him in his cell. They said no because Jimmy was confined
until execution. Jimmy thought it sucked because he wanted to
finish their fight before execution.

Johnny went to see Chuck. Chuck opened the door and Johnny saw
that one of his eyes was missing. Chuck asked if he could help him.
Johnny said, “I hope you can. Do you remember the inmate that saved
your life?” Chuck said he did and knew he was up for execution the
next week. “He needs your help. Do you still work on the electric
chairs?” Chuck said he did and would love executing the people who
took his eye. “We need you do us a favor. We need you to lower the
electricity going through the chair.”

Excerpt from Chapter 14

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 14:

Jimmy couldn’t be seen. Johnny said, “I can take you to Texas.”
Jimmy said he would find a place and Stacy said she was so glad he
was back in their lives. They stopped at a gas station so he could
change clothes.

Jimmy said, “Before I go I would like to go to the cemetery to say
sorry to Krista Crown.” Johnny said that would waste time, but Jimmy
said he had to do it. Johnny drove him there .The sun was setting.
Jimmy got out of the truck and walked to her grave. Jimmy sat right
in front of her tombstone and started praying for forgiveness. Jimmy
said out loud, “They got the real killer. She can rest.” Johnny grabbed
his shoulder and said they have to go.