Excerpt from Chapter 10

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

Acouple weeks went by and Jimmy said it was time. “Let’s do
this for baby Kim. I kick the shit out of you and then you go
to the hospital and act like you’re scared for your life. I’m going kick
you a couple times and blacken both eyes.” She said to do it. Jimmy
asked if she was ready and Stacy nodded her head. Jimmy punched her
right eye. Stacy fell to the ground. Jimmy kicked her in the stomach.
Jimmy said, “Stand up. Let’s not stop now.” Stacy said it really hurt.
Jimmy helped her up and when she was standing he punched her in
the left eye. She fell to the ground. Stacy said it was enough. Jimmy
said, “Be strong for one more punch.” Stacy asked where he was going
to hit her? Jimmy said, “You don’t want to know. Stand up” She stood
up and he punched her in the nose. Stacy started crying and blood
poured out of her nose. Jimmy said, “We have to make it look like
you’re fighting back.”

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