Excerpt from Chapter 7

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 7:

Jimmy was at work. He went in the lunchroom and saw on CNN
news that airplanes were crashing into the Twin Towers. Everybody
was staring in shock. Jimmy asked what movie they were watching?
Bob said it wasn’t a movie, but real life. Jimmy was shocked. He
called Stacy and told her to turn on the news. She said she had already
seen they were under attack. He told her he had to do something to
help. He told her he was going to take a couple days off to go to
New York and help look for survivors. She said that would be good.
He called Johnny to see if he wanted to help. They both drove to New
York. On the way Jimmy said, “If they find out who did this I am
going to re-enlist. Johnny told him to calm down, because he had a
good life and not to do anything stupid. When they got there they
turned them away. They thanked them but said they had it covered.
Jimmy and Johnny felt useless because they couldn’t help.

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