Excerpt from Chapter 6

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 6:

The next day Johnny showed up with his family. Jimmy gave
the little girl a hug and Johnny’s wife one, too. Stacy said,
“Come in. We have a couple rooms you can use.” Jimmy shook his
hand and gave him a man hug. They all went out to a restaurant.
Johnny asked how everybody was holding up? Jimmy said they were
doing fine, taking it one day at a time. Jimmy said he had to go to the
bathroom. When he walked away, Johnny asked Stacy how he was for
real? “He has real bad nightmares. He sleeps a couple hours a day and
he won’t tell me what happened over there. He acts like nothing happen,
and now he has this over his head. A cop died trying to save his
dad’s life and he regrets everything.”

Jimmy walked back and everybody at the table looked at him He said,
“What? My zipper down?”

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