Excerpt from Chapter 13

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 13:

One week went by. Jimmy walked in the lunchroom and
the three of  prisoners were back. They saw Jimmy and gave
him a holy shit look. Jimmy grabbed some food and sat real close to
them. The big guy sat near Jimmy. The big guy asked how Jimmy was
going to kill them and was told real slow. “I’m going skin them alive
and wear their skin like clothes.” The three guys were listening.

One guy said, “We have to get him before he gets us.” They all nodded.
Jimmy went back to his cell to get ready for the yard to exercise
The two guys were following him from a distance. The big guy was
behind them. Jimmy stopped and looked back. They were little closer.

Excerpt from Chapter 12

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 12:

Acouple weeks went by and Bob the lawyer came to talk to
Jimmy about the stay of execution. They grabbed Jimmy and
put him in an empty room Bob was waiting outside the room. They
both walked in and closed the door behind them. Bob said to sit down
They both took a seat. Jimmy said, “Bob, what’s going on?” Bob said
they had to go over everything for the stay. Jimmy looked at him right
in the eyes and said, “I don’t want a stay.” Bob asked what he was talking
about. Jimmy said, “I don’t want this life.” Bob said at least he
would be alive. Jimmy said, “What kind of life is this .Have to fight to live every
day? This is not a life worth living.”

Bob said, “You have two more months if you change your mind. I’ll
visit you one more time before your execution.”

Excerpt from Chapter 11

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 11:

The next morning came and Jimmy knew this wasn’t going to
be good. The judge had Jimmy come in to hear his fate. Stacy
was there and the family of the victim. The judge asked the victim’s
family if they wanted to speak before he gave his verdict. The family
said yes. They told him what kind of a woman she was. How great a
wife and mother. Tears were coming down their faces. The judge asked
Jimmy if he wanted to say anything. Jimmy said yes. The judge told
him not to say anything stupid. Jimmy looked back to the family. “I
hope this brings peace in your life. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

The family stood up and said, “Never, you monster.”

Excerpt from Chapter 10

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

Acouple weeks went by and Jimmy said it was time. “Let’s do
this for baby Kim. I kick the shit out of you and then you go
to the hospital and act like you’re scared for your life. I’m going kick
you a couple times and blacken both eyes.” She said to do it. Jimmy
asked if she was ready and Stacy nodded her head. Jimmy punched her
right eye. Stacy fell to the ground. Jimmy kicked her in the stomach.
Jimmy said, “Stand up. Let’s not stop now.” Stacy said it really hurt.
Jimmy helped her up and when she was standing he punched her in
the left eye. She fell to the ground. Stacy said it was enough. Jimmy
said, “Be strong for one more punch.” Stacy asked where he was going
to hit her? Jimmy said, “You don’t want to know. Stand up” She stood
up and he punched her in the nose. Stacy started crying and blood
poured out of her nose. Jimmy said, “We have to make it look like
you’re fighting back.”

Excerpt from Chapter 9

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 9:

Jimmy went to work and it was cold and raining He could barely
see the road. He took the highway. The car started bucking back
and forth and stalling. Jimmy said to himself, “Not right now. Please
keep moving. I’m going get fired.” The car stalled. Jimmy pulled the
car on the side of the highway. He got out of the car and kicked the
tires, and started screaming at the top of his lungs. Jimmy started walking
on the highway, but nobody would pulled over. Jimmy was soaked
and wet before he got one mile. He saw a house in the field, but the
field had a fence around it. Jimmy tried to jump the fence, but the
fence was too high. He found a hole in the fence, crawled through and
started walked toward the house. He came to a real dark spot in the
field and looked down. It was a big hole filled with water. Jimmy
thought to himself, That was close.

Excerpt from Chapter 8

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 8:

Jimmy went back to work and he got called in the office. His boss
was there and asked him to sit down. Jimmy looked at his boss and
knew the bubble had bust. Bobby said, “I hate do this to you, but
you’re fired. There’s nothing I can do. I tried to fire Alex because I
didn’t like him anyway, but the order came from upstairs. I’m sorry.”
Jimmy said it was okay and he would figure something out.

Jimmy went right home. Stacy asked why he was home. He told her
everything. “I’m going to stay home for a little bit and then look for
another banker job.”

Excerpt from Chapter 7

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 7:

Jimmy was at work. He went in the lunchroom and saw on CNN
news that airplanes were crashing into the Twin Towers. Everybody
was staring in shock. Jimmy asked what movie they were watching?
Bob said it wasn’t a movie, but real life. Jimmy was shocked. He
called Stacy and told her to turn on the news. She said she had already
seen they were under attack. He told her he had to do something to
help. He told her he was going to take a couple days off to go to
New York and help look for survivors. She said that would be good.
He called Johnny to see if he wanted to help. They both drove to New
York. On the way Jimmy said, “If they find out who did this I am
going to re-enlist. Johnny told him to calm down, because he had a
good life and not to do anything stupid. When they got there they
turned them away. They thanked them but said they had it covered.
Jimmy and Johnny felt useless because they couldn’t help.

Excerpt from Chapter 6

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 6:

The next day Johnny showed up with his family. Jimmy gave
the little girl a hug and Johnny’s wife one, too. Stacy said,
“Come in. We have a couple rooms you can use.” Jimmy shook his
hand and gave him a man hug. They all went out to a restaurant.
Johnny asked how everybody was holding up? Jimmy said they were
doing fine, taking it one day at a time. Jimmy said he had to go to the
bathroom. When he walked away, Johnny asked Stacy how he was for
real? “He has real bad nightmares. He sleeps a couple hours a day and
he won’t tell me what happened over there. He acts like nothing happen,
and now he has this over his head. A cop died trying to save his
dad’s life and he regrets everything.”

Jimmy walked back and everybody at the table looked at him He said,
“What? My zipper down?”

Excerpt from Chapter 5

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 5:

The next day he had to go to the funeral for the drill sergeant.
Jimmy showed up early to show his respect. Johnny saw him
there and walked over to him. Jimmy asked him where the drill
sergeant’s family was? Johnny said that he didn’t have any family, so he
didn’t have anybody to give the eulogy. Jimmy signed up to talk for
him. Everybody was seated. Jimmy walked to the front. He said, “I
didn’t know the drill sergeant that well, but he made me a better man.
He wouldn’t tell us his real name.” Jimmy looked at the paper and saw
his name was Scott. “He gave up his right to be a drill sergeant to protect
me. He did his job and I’m still alive because if him. Thank you
and rest in peace.”

Excerpt from Chapter 4

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 4:

On the way home he started going crazy. He went in the corner
of the plane and started crying. He was looking at the
caskets. Jimmy started talking to the caskets saying he was sorry and he
couldn’t do better. Jimmy decided he had to say sorry to each one, so
he opened each casket to say his goodbyes. He opened Wendy first and
saw her head with no body. He picked up her head and started crying.
“I’m sorry, Wendy. I couldn’t keep our promise to return home
together and I wish I could have found your body. But I will keep my
promise and give your husband your letter.” Jimmy ran his hand
through her hair, then he put her head back in the casket and said,
“Goodbye, my friend.” He started feeling a little better. Then he
opened Rob’s casket. He said to him, “You’re just a pussy.” He
slammed the casket door shut. He opened the casket next to him and
it was the drill sergeant. “I’m sorry you’re not alive because of me. You
did it I’m going home see my wife and kid because you made me a
better man. I thank you.” Then he closed the casket. He looked at all
the caskets. There must have been at least 100 caskets on the plane. By
the time the plane landed he had said goodbye to them all. He
grabbed ahold of one casket and started helping carry them off the
plane. When he walked outside he saw his wife, Dad, Johnny and
Johnny’s wife holding one of the little girl’s he’d saved. Jimmy didn’t
looked too happy. Stacy handed Jimmy’s dad Jimmy’s son. She wanted
to run to him, but Jimmy’s dad said to wait and let him do what he
had to.