Excerpt from Chapter 2

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

The receptionist asked, “Can I help you?”

Jimmy said, “I need to check in.” Jimmy handed him the paperwork.
The receptionist said to walk down the hall, and pick a bed and a

Jimmy picked the top bunk. Then an older guy walked in. He took
the bottom bunk. He said hi to Jimmy. “My name is Johnny.”

Jimmy said, “Nice to meet you.” Johnny asked how old he was? Jimmy
said, “Old enough.”

Johnny said, “Fair enough.”

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Ultimate Sacrifice by Steven Brown

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Jimmy was in high school. He had a female friend named Stacy.
They had been friends since fifth grade. Jimmy always liked Stacy
more than friends. They did everything together. Jimmy’s dad had
retired from the army as a drill sergeant when his wife passed away. His
dad got a job at the local grocery store. Jimmy was only six years old
when his mother died. Stacy’s mom had left her dad when she was
eight years old. Stacy and Jimmy had something in common.
That’s why they connected so well.

Jimmy’s dad lived close to the beach on a horse ranch. Jimmy went
horseback riding with Stacy. They rode to the beach to watch the sun
set. Jimmy went to Stacy and grabbed her hand, and said, “My dad was
asking what is going on with us.”